Recently, I spent a whole day in silence. It was a bit more difficult than I expected. When you take a moment to reflect, it is amazing how much of our time is aligned and dependent upon communication with another whether electronically or verbally or some stimuli to distract you from the present moment. For the first couple of hours I was agitated by the experience and much more uncomfortable than I anticipated. As time passed more thoughts and emotions began coming up. I began asking a few questions of myself-who am I? what do I want? While there were no immediate answers there were more questions. As I settled into the silence over a couple of hours it really allowed me to feel some feelings that had been buried a bit.  I cried a lot as I thought about some of the disappointment, loss and pain I’ve experienced over the years that I buried deep inside and had not addressed fully. Along with this overflow of emotion came some real soul searching on what is next for me and what more can I do to serve?

That time in silence affirmed for me that I am here to serve others through the power of meditation. I am here to help others get closer to who they really are through teaching them how to find the silence between the noise. The time in silence allowed me to reflect on how truly grateful I am for the silence, each new day, my health, friends, family and the love I feel and can share with all those around me.

Unplugging allowed me to get closer to myself and to really focus on what matters most.